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22/06/2020Initial InstallSource – localhost-mysite-20200620-103154-866
After config backup file –
01/08/2020Filebird upgraded to v 4.0.4 which includes a folder restructure. v 4.0.2/3 delete folder created by v 4.0 onwards but v 4.0.4 corrects this.New image taken. See status list for image file used.
20/08/2020Added Gallery for John KayNo backup image taken
25/08/2020Links to PhotoEntry documents weren’t working. Links configured. No backup image takenNo backup image taken
26/08/2020Ran Broken Link Checker and corrcted about 12 missing links maily on obscure places. One remaing, the link th Flickr Powerpoint presentaion. .pps files are not permitted on WP! Note Broken Link Checker is deactivated until needed.Backup image taken. See status list for image file used.
6/09/2020New Programme page imported from 202021 Programme v0.3.csv
Updated Tablepress Plugin Options seetings from file Tablepress Plugin Options Updated 202021 v0.1.txt
No backup image taken. Await confirmation of any changes
7/09/2020202021 Programme v0.5.csv imported to add missing last line and clarify Dec 15th status – no meeting.
Added News item regarding meetings this year.
No backup image taken. Await confirmation of any changes
30/09/2020202021 Programme v0.6.csv imported to add urls to speakers and judges with webstites.No backup image taken.
2/10/2020News item added for Tusday 29th Sep – Thomas Peck CPAGB LRPSBackup image taken. See status list for image file used.
6/10/2020Alison Wood Gallery added. Added Dec 1st new speaker
Corrected import csv file and adding speaker links 202021 Programme v0.7.csv
No backup image taken.
6/10/2020Added News item for club Zoom meeting 6th Oct 2020.
Sorted links to News for previous 2 meetings. 202021 Programme v0.8.csv
No backup image taken.
12/10/2020Updated Programme up to Christmas with updates from Trevor.No backup image taken.
22/10/2020Added Comp 1 PIsNo backup image taken.
22/10/2020Added 201920 Final league table plus league table after Comp1No backup image taken.
30/10/2020Added News item for 20th Oct and Inter team with Whitchurch.Backup image taken.
5/11/2020Added Comp 2, Results for Whitchurch Inter Team Comp, Programme updated with vers 1.1.csvNo backup image taken.
10/11/2020Corrected colour idents for Comp in Prog Table. Files used are Tablepress Plugin Options Updated 2021029 v0.3a.txt and 202021 Programme v1.1a.csvNo backup image taken.
11/11/2020Added latest Programme to link on Programme pageNo backup image taken.
12/11/2020Added News item for Coastal Photography on 10th Nov. 202021 Programme v1.2.csvNo backup image taken.
20/11/2020Added News item for P.I.M.S presentation on 17th Nov 2020
Programme v1.3.csv
No backup image taken.
22/11/2020L & CPU Knockout Competition added to Competition pageNo backup image taken.
24/11/2020Corrected anchor link for start of competitions on Comp page and moved L&CPU entry to corrrect date location on page. Andrew Charlesworth.No backup image taken.
25/11/2020Add News item for speaker last night 24Nov2020. Programme v1.5.csvBackup image taken.
5/12/2020Complete rebuild due to malware. Backup image taken
5/12/2020Add News item for speaker last night 1stNov2020. Programme v1.6.csv
Updated “Where we meet to cover on-line sessions
No backup image taken.
14/12/2020Update WP All in One Migration and extended module
Update Genetate Press
Backup image taken
16/12/2020NextGen Gallery plugin updated to v3.5.0Backup image taken
6/01/2021Add News item for speaker last night 5thJan2020. Programme v1.8.csv
WP Fastest Cache updated to v0.9.1.4
No backup image taken.
12/01/2021programme entries for 2021 were labelled 202. Corrected with import of Programme v1.9.csvNo backup image taken.
13/01/2021Add News item for speaker last night 12thJan2020. Programme v2.0.csv
Backup image taken.