Below is a selection of Members Galleries, where we ask members to submit up to 30 images that best represent their photographic work.
Please Note All work is protected by copyright, and must not be reproduced in any form or media.


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13 Nantwich Square
21st Year Anniversary” Exhibition

Members Gallery

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01 Female Leopard jpg
Wray Douglas
Alpine Ski Walker
Bryan Averill
Blue Tit Fed Up With The Rain 1
Pete Allcock
Batoka Gorge
Brian Sankey
A Selfie With The Presidents
John Kay
Light and Shade
Alison Wood
1929 BMW R57 Compressor
Wendy Williams
1975 Down the snickett
David Hoyle
34164D9F E73C 40F7 A154 8CD910272F41 600x600 2
Andy Heslop
African safari
Alma Sankey
Araneus diadematus
David Luker

Adding members galleries to the NCC web site.

Images should be sized to have a maximum dimension of 600 pixels in either width or height. This will cater for varying aspect ratios within an overall size of 600 x 600 pixels. Also the title of the image should he used as the filename eg. “A Day at the Races.jpg”. This will enable easy loading without the need to adjust the Title very much before inputting to the system. A maximum of 30 images per member can be uploaded into a gallery. With images of this size (600×600) they tend to be around a megabyte so they could be sent in by email and split across a few emails if the members email solution has restricted attachment size. I use BT email and the attachment limit is 25MB and I could send 30 images over 2 emails. Alternative methods will be available to some members who may have some shared web space on which they can deposit their images to be accessed for the galleries.

Fully paid-up members can forward their gallery images or changes to existing galleries to