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Club Competitions.
Every year as part of the Camera Club season, we hold numerous competitions both in Prints and Digital Projected Images (DPI’s), which are open to all club members to enter. Most of the competitions are “Open” subject, where you can enter any type of image, e.g.: colour, monochrome (black & white) or creative (i.e. not reality), as long as they comply with the competition rules. One of the competitions in the club season (usually the 3rd) is a set subject, where the subject of the entry is given to members by the competition secretary.

The NEW set subject competition for the 2020-2021 season is “Up Close”. The hand-in date is 24th November 2020.

On the 21st January 2020 we announced that this year’s subject was going to be “Nantwich Events” but this has been deferred until season 2021 -2022. Photographs taken after the aforementioned announcement date will be eligible for the Nantwich Events competition, which will be held in late autumn 2021.

2021 -2022 Set Subject Note:
To avoid any ambiguity and to ensure all members are working to the same criteria ‘Nantwich’ is defined as any location within the CW5 post code (see below) and an ‘Event’ is defined as an organised event open to the public. The attached map shows the area covered by the CW5 post code. You will see it includes Church Minshall in the north, Aston in the south, Chorley in the west and Wybunbury in the east.
Examples of Events are: Holly Holy Day, farmers markets, events at the Civic Hall, The Jazz & Blues Festival, Words & Music, The Weaver Wander, The Nantwich Show, Spooktacular, plus sporting events including football and cricket and charity events such as the Midnight Run.

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Inter-Club Competitions
Each year Nantwich Camera Club participate in a number of inter-club competitions. To find out more about these competitions and how the Nantwich Camera Club selections are made, please “Click Here

Submitting Competition Entries Using “PhotoEntry”

From the start of the 2018-2019 season, all competition entries are to be submitted using a new system called, “PhotoEntry”.Guidelines have been produced covering the key areas of enrolment, logging on, entering a competition and handling problems.Click on the links below to read these guidelines:

History of Past Competition Trophy Winners.

At the end of each competition season, trophies are awarded to the winners of each competition section, Print Photographer, Slide/Projected Image Photographer and Clubman. The Clubman trophy is awarded to the photographer who has achieved the highest combined score in both the Print and PI competitions.

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Past Competition Trophy Winners

Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union Annual Club Competition

The Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union Annual Club Competition 2020 was held over the weekend of 7th and 8th March 2020 at Culcheth High School, Community Campus, Warrington Road, Culcheth, Warrington,WA3 5HH.
Nantwich decided to enter this for the first time this year since the revamping of the competition some years ago. Clubs select the entries from their members for the competition. We did well with our prints, and not so well with the digital entries, which seems to back up the opinion of the judges who often remark that the print entries are stronger than the Digital Section.
We were joint 10th in the Colour Print Section, 4th in the Mono Print Section and joint 7th in the Nature Print Section out of an entry of 22 Clubs.
In the Digital Section we were 15th in the Open Section out of an entry of 37 and Joint 27th in the Nature Section out of an entry of 35.

Individuals are encouraged to attend the judging of this Competition.

Entries and results for this Competition can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Club PDI ResultsIndividual PDI ResultsClub Print ResultsIndividual Print Results

I hope this will encourage Members to enter the forthcoming L &CPU Individuals Competition. Unfortunately judging of this does not have an audience.

End of 2019-20 Season Results

Lockdown restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic brought our 2019-20 season to a premature end resulting in the final competition of the season not taking place. Despite this the highest 9 scores were used to calculate the Print League tables and the highest 8 scores for the Projected Images. Results are as follows:-

Print LeagueProjected Image LeagueClubman League
1st Wray Douglas1st Paul Topham1st Alma Sanke
2nd Martin Brown2nd Denise Compton2nd Bryan Averill
3rd Alma Sankey3rd Ray Duckworth3rd Wendy Williams


Fortunately the weather improved significantly and Tony was able to join us without too much difficulty with his journey from Buxton. He judged 45 Prints and 38 Projected Images. The Monochrome Competition Provides a useful selection of images suitable for consideration for the Alan Challinor Trophy Competition, held later in the year, between 5 local clubs. This is a purely monochrome competition and is keenly contested.

The Prints were up first and there was an interesting and varied selection of subjects. As usual, his decisive judging was thorough and to the point. His tips on composition were interesting and informative and hopefully helpful to members, especially those less-experienced. Tony held back about 11 prints for reconsideration and then made his selection of winner from those. The PIs were judged after the tea break completing a full evening’s programme. Tony thought the PIs were of a lower standard than the prints but managed to hold a number back for further consideration.


‘Distracted’ by Bryan Averill

‘Gateway to the Lake(s)’ by David Hoyle
‘Ice Maiden’ by Wendy Williams
‘Enjoying the Challenge’ by Bryan Averill
‘Windows on the Soul’ by Alison Wood
‘’The Unwelcome Visitor’ by John Kay
‘Winter Goods Train’ by Martin Brown

‘Jenny the Squirrel’ by Aneta Talbot
‘Steve’ by Alison Wood
‘Misty Reflection’ by John Dodd


‘Whisky’ by Paul Topham

‘Typhoon Warning’ by Martin Brown
‘I’m Watching You’ by John Dodd
‘The Tulip Staircase’ by Rob Gough
‘’Sisteron’ by Nick Hutt

‘Saltburn Pier’ by Bryan Averill
‘Gannet’ by Alma Sankey
‘Made in the USA’ by Aneta Talbot

Winning Print

Winning PI

by Bryan Averill

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Print Score Sheets

Print League

by Paul Topham

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PI Score Sheets

PI League

Tuesday 28 January 2020
4th Club Competition
Judge:- Graham Currey

Judge Graham Currey began the evening by explaining that he doesn’t enter Club Competitions himself as he believes it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of a image as long as the author likes it. He was put off by the comments made regarding one of his images by a judge that he said would remain nameless, and that lead him to the decision to become a judge himself. He said that it is a very difficult job but that his intentions were to encourage and provide guidance to people, hence he scores generously.
The evening commenced with the judging of the 32 prints. Graham gave positive and clear critique of each image delivered in an entertaining and sometimes amusing manner. He retained 14 of the 32 images for further consideration, subsequently awarding 7 of these 17 points. He awarded points to 4 more images and displayed the last remaining 3, checking once again that he could only award one of then 20 points. Once this was re-confirmed he chose “Patricia Lake” by Wray Douglas as his winner, “White Rose”, again by Wray Douglas, as second and “Autumn Waterfall” by Wendy Williams in third place.
20 Points
“Patricia Lake” by Wray Douglas
19 Points
“White Rose” by Wray Douglas
“Autumn Waterfall” by Wendy Williams
“Araneus Diadematus” by David Luker
18 Points
“Sea Sculpture” by Alma Sankey
“Peace Lily” by David Hoyle
“Colour Coordinated” by Bryan Averill

After the break the judging of the 36 Projected Images. The same positive constructive critique was given on each of these images. Graham retained 8 of these for further consideration awarding points as follows:-

20 Points
“Morning Light” by Ray Duckworth
19 Points
“After the Rain” by Alma Sankey
“Are You My Mummy” by David Hoyle
“Happy Faces” by Martin Watson
18 Points
“Male Chaffinch – Fringilla coelebs” by Pete Allcock
“Leaves” by Paul Topham
“Apple” by Paul Topham
“Aiguille Du Midi” by Bryan Averill
A most enjoyable and entertaining evening concluded with a show of appreciation for Graham.

Winning Print

“Patricia Lake”
Wray Douglas

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Winning PI

“Morning Light”
Ray Duckworth

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Tuesday 10th December 2019
3rd Club Competition (Set Subject – Bent, Broken or Busted)
Judge:- Nick Hilton EFIAP, DPAGB, BPE5*

Nick began the evening by saying that he was impressed by the range of interpretations of the set subject, “Bent, Broken or Busted”. He went on to explain that he would be looking for 3 things. The first was technical competence, followed by how well the subject matter fitted the brief and lastly, had the image enough impact to warrant a second look.
The evening began with the 30 print entries which Nick went through giving constructive critique on each. He also suggested that some might have been improved by a different choice of paper. His scores ranged from 13 through to 20. Only 5 were held back for further consideration scoring as follows:-

20 Points
“Gaffer Tape and cable Ties” by Martin Brown
19 Points
“Remains of the Vita Nova” by Wray Douglas
“Abandoned” by Wray Douglas
18 Points
“For Sale – One Careful Owner” by Rob Gough
“West Pier, Brighton” by Wendy Williams
There was also one image scoring 17 points – “Bolton Abbey Ruins” by David Foster

After the break Nick went on to judge the 39 Projected Images, giving the same consideration and critique to each. He awarded scores again from 13 to 20, with the Projected images seemingly being of a slightly lower standard with a higher number of images scoring 14 points. He retained 7 for further consideration awarding points as follows:-

20 Points
“Old Jalopy” by Wendy Williams
19 Points
“Bowing to the Queen” by Aneta Talbot
“Caught in the Middle” by Aneta Talbot
“Beyond Repair” by Denise Compton
18 Points
“Broken Grass” by Paul Topham
“Definitely Bent” by Nick Hutt
17 Points
“Fetch the Glue” by Paul Topham
He had also previously awarded 17 points to “Broken Glass” by Wendy Williams
Congratulations to all entrants for the assortment of interpretations of the theme.

Winning Print

“Gaffer Tape and Cable Ties”
Martin Brown

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Winning PI

“Old Jalopy”
Wendy Williams

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Thursday 21st November 2019
Alan Challinor Trophy
Judge:- Christine Widdall FBPE MPAGB EFIAP APAGB HonLCPU

This competition has been running for many years and is recognised as a prestigious event in the competition calendar. The clubs that took part this year were Alsager CC, Crewe PS, Mid-Cheshire CC, Nantwich CC and Whitchurch PS. All entries are ‘mono’ prints and the competition usually attracts high quality entries. A DPI of each print is projected at the same time as judging is taking place in order to ensure the audience can see the images. Each club submits 12 images – a total entry therefore of 60 images – which are presented to the judge in random order.
The judge this year was Christine Widdall – a well known and respected judge from the L&CPU.
Christine arrived a little flustered as she had been held up by both diversions and accidents on her journey. After a quick cuppa to help revive her she glanced at the first few images out of the box, then decided to commence the judging. She said she felt she would be holding quite a number back for further consideration as they were all of high quality and a pleasure to judge. She gave clear, concise and constructive critique on each image in a pleasant and entertaining manner. She retained 17 prints for further consideration. Of these 5 were from Nantwich, 4 from each of Alsager and Mid-Cheshire, 3 from Whitchurch and the remaining 1 from Crewe. She asked if she could award as many 20s as she liked if she still chose her “Print of the Night” and this was confirmed. Subsequently she chose “Winter Sentinels” by Andrew Charlesworth CPAGB as her “Print of the Night”, and awarded the remaining images points as follows:-

Winter SentinelsAndrew CharlesworthNantwich20
Lytham JettyAndrew DonkinAlsager20
Fishing HeronIan WhistonMid-Cheshire20
No Bones BrokenRay HillMid-Cheshire20
Gripping MomentMike GibbensWhitchurch20
I still only have eyes for youSandy RobinsonWhitchurch20
GrievingGeoff ReaderAlsager19
On RetrieveAndrew CharlesworthNantwich19
Racing FerrarisWray DouglasNantwich19
TouchingPaul HaywardWhitchurch19
FugitiveGeoff ReaderAlsager18
Innocence PersonifiedNavinRathnakumarAlsager18
Copper with a CuppaMeg CummingCrewe18
Broken Down in the WestTom ShecklestonMid-Cheshire18
Liverpool ReflectionsTom ShecklestonMid-Cheshire18
Little FriendAlison WoodNantwich18
Five Go Off PisteBryan AverillNantwich18

The remainder of the Nantwich Images scored as follows:-

Light and Shade Alison Wood17
Diadem SpiderDavid Luker17
Storm Clouds Over The River ArnoRob Gough17
Study-Glass BottlesWray Douglas16
Paddle PowerBryan Averill16
Little Ross Island LighthouseAndrew Charlesworth16
The LookWendy Williams16

The final result was that Nantwich were declared the winners for the 14th time since the competition began in 1987 and retained the Cup for another year. Nantwich scored 209 points, Alsager were in 2nd place with 204 points, Mid-Cheshire 3rd with 202 points, Whitchurch 4th with 201 points and Crewe in 5th place with 201.
The evening ended with John Dodd, President of Nantwich Camera Club and one of the founders of the Alan Challinor competition, accepting the trophy on behalf of the Club and Andrew Charlesworth CPAGB being presented with his trophy for “Print of the Night”. Christine was thanked for her excellent performance and invited to judge the event again next year!

Full Result Sheets

Our entry can be viewed below.

Winter Sentinals by Andrew Charlesworth CPAGB

Image 1 of 12

Saturday 16th November 2019
L & CPU Annual Knockout Competition
Judge:- Malcolm Kus ARPS, DPAGB,EFIAP/b

This year, in order to assess the standard of our images against those of other clubs in our area, we decided to enter the Annual Knockout Competition for Projected Images held at Elm Bank Conference Centre, Eccles. We submitted 8 images in total and these had to be numbered in order of preference as the number actually used depended on the number of Clubs that entered. As a total of 30 Clubs entered, on the night the first 5 were used, giving 150 to put before the judge. The images are judged in rounds with all images being seen in the first round, but some receive a point and are eliminated from the next round. The remaining images are viewed again with a further number being awarded 2 points and thus being eliminated. There are usually 5 rounds with 1 winning image.
The audience was made up of 48 members from 19 Clubs. The judge, Malcolm Kus from Northern Counties Photographic Federation injected humour along with his critique and comments on each image and this was well received and enjoyed by all.
After a software glitch caused the results to be checked after the event they were eventually published in the L & CPU Publication “Focal Points” on Tuesday Evening.
(Sign up at

Nantwich were joint 2nd with 17 Points. Our images scored as follows:-

4 Points
“Magnum Opus 3” by Paul Topham
“Wet Race” by Peter Woolmer

3 Points
“Catch” by Andrew Charlesworth CPAGB
“Raptor” by Martin Brown
“Early Morning Mist” by Denise Compton
Hopefully some of our members will be able to go along next year.

Results Sheet

Peter Woolmer, Wet Race

Image 1 of 5

Tuesday 5th November 2019
2nd Club Competiton
Judge:- Diana Magor EFIAPb, MPSA, CPAGB, LRPS, BPE3*

There was a good turnout for the 2nd Club Competition of the season despite it being Bonfire Night! Diana began by explaining that she had seen digital files of both the Prints and Projected Images beforehand and had given provisional scores which she may or may not change on seeing the actual images! She went on to say that she divides the images into 3 groups, those that she doesn’t really like, those that she feels are okay, and the ones that she likes. She then allocates scores accordingly, subject to seeing the original. As she put up the 1st print she said that she had chosen her winning image initially, but had already changed her mind having seen the actual prints. She gave quite a wide range of scores and gave frank, clear, detailed constructive critique on each image. She retained 8 images for further consideration. When it came to choosing between the final 2 images she asked if we definitely wanted only 1 to have 20 points. When this was confirmed she awarded 20 points to “Raptor” by new member Martin Brown and 19 points to “It’s Only A Friendly” by Wendy Williams. Well done, Martin.

The top scores were as follows:-

20 Points
“Raptor” by Martin Brown
19 Points
“It’s Only A Friendly” by Wendy Williams
“St.Cwyfan’s Church” by Wray Douglas
“Green-Crowned Brilliant” by Wray Douglas
18 Points
“Still Waters run Deep” by Alma Sankey
17 Points
“Cheshire Old Boy” by Aneta Talbot
“Black Rock Cottage” by John Dodd
“The Falconer’s Daughter” by Alison Wood
“Late Arrival” by Alma Sankey

After the break Diana gave the same careful consideration to the Projected Images, making useful suggestions as to how she felt some could have been improved, in particular the use of one’s partner or companion to cast a shadow over an over-bright background when shooting in places where you could not easily control the light.
She again allocated scores from 12 through to 20 awarding her top scoring images as follows:-

20 Points
“Early Morning Mist” by Denise Compton
19 Points
“Passing Storm Over St Mary’s” by Denise Compton
“Whitethroat – Sylvia communis” by Pete Allcock
“Magnum Opus 3” by Paul Topham
18 Points
“Swallow” by David Foster
17 Points
“Two Jack Lake” by Ray Duckworth
“Smile Please” by Alma Sankey
“Enough Surfing For Today” by Bryan Averill

Well done everyone.

Winning Print

by Martin Brown

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Winning PI

“Early Morning Mist”
by Denise Compton

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Tuesday 29th October 2019
Interclub Competition Nantwich v Whitchurch
Judge:- Rob Hockney CPAGB, BPE3*

Not the usual turnout for our Club this evening, but taking into consideration that it was half term week and also the Annual Competition at Chester, the numbers were fair from both Clubs. Rob started the evening by saying that he had just taken the opportunity to look through the 30 prints, 15 from each Club, and that he thought every entry was a winner and good enough for entry into L & CPU Competitions. He said he would find it difficult, but a pleasure, to judge images of such a high standard and that there would be no low scores. He went on to give good clear constructive critique on each of the images, delivered in a friendly and pleasant manner. He held back 11 images, 7 from Whitchurch and the remaining 4 from Nantwich. After further consideration he awarded final marks as follows:-

20 Points
“The Look” by Wendy Williams (Nantwich)
19 Points
“Song Bird” by Dave Munn (Whitchurch)
“Swans Taking Off From The Snow And Ice” by Chris Goody (Whitchurch)
18 Points
“By The Old Gramophone” by Paul Hayward (Whitchurch)
“Old Boat And Boathouse” by Alma Sankey (Nantwich)
“Gripping Moment” by Mike Gibbens (Whitchurch)
“Banded Demoiselle” by Andrew Charlesworth CPAGB (Nantwich)
“Nude, Chair And Bed” by Paul Hayward (Whitchurch)
“In The Wet” by David Luker (Nantwich)
“The Gateway To The Great Ridge” by Dave Munn (Whitchurch)
“Isle Of Harris Abstract” by Marc Brimble (Whitchurch)

As a result of this, after the Print judging Whitchurch were in the lead by 5 points with 259 to Nantwich’s 254.

After the break the judging of the 30 Projected Images commenced. Rob gave the same careful crititque interjected with friendly banter from the audience. He remarked that he thought the standard was, overall, slightly lower in the Projected Images Competition and that the scores would reflect this accordingly. He retained 7 images for further consideration, 4 from Nantwich and 3 from Whitchurch. It seemed the final result could go either way! When he came to his final 3 he suggested that as he had ample time that the audience should participate. He confirmed that he had long since chosen his winner, but was interested in our opinion so he asked for a show of hands for each remaining image. He then awarded scores as follows:-

20 Points
“Catch” by Andrew Charlesworth CPAGB (Nantwich)
19 Points
“Sisters Of The Zodiac” by Paul Hayward (Whitchurch)
“Magnum Opus 2” by Paul Topham (Nantwich)
18 Points
“White Tailed Eagle” by Chris Goody (Whitchurch)
“Red Squirrel, Feeding” by Chris Goody (Whitchurch)
“Wirral Walkers” by Bryan Averill (Nantwich)
“Wet Race” by Pete Woolmer (Nantwich)

Nantwich had won the Projected image competition with 248 to Whitchurch’s 244, but Whitchurch were the overall winners by just 1 point.
Rob concluded the evening by re-iterating that he had thoroughly enjoyed judging our Competition and would be more than happy to return in the future.

“The Look”
by Wendy Williams

Print Score Sheets

by Andrew Charlesworth

PI Score Sheets

Tuesday 29th October 2019
Inter Club Competition at Chester PS

The Chester Photographic Society annual Inter-Club Print Battle was held at the Grosvenor Museum, and was attended by a full-house (The perennially popular competition between clubs across Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales). This year twelve clubs were represented; notable absences being Heswall, Wallasey and Warrington. Nantwich Camera Club was represented in person by Wray Douglas and Rex Kingsley. Entries comprised of 4 colour prints per club, plus 2 mono prints.

Judging was by Paul Williamson LRPS, who ran through all the images before the 1st round in each of the sections (colour and mono respectively).

In the colour section, it was not until the 3rd round that any Nantwich prints were eliminated: Andrew Charlesworth’s “Downhill Rider” and Alma Sankey’s “Winter Feed” each were awarded 3 points.
In the following round, Rob Gough’s “Aerial Dispute” was knocked out, receiving 4 points.
A 5th round took place, with 4 surviving prints eliminated, leaving only Wray Douglas’s “Violet-Crowned Woodnymph” as the overall colour winner, receiving 6 points.
At this stage Nantwich, with 16 points, had a 1 point lead over Mid-Cheshire.

After a coffee and biscuit break, the mono competition commenced in similar vein.
Only 5 prints out of 24 made it through to round 4, and as each were in turn eliminated, there remained only “Manhattan Skyline” by Wray Douglas, and “Emerging from the Clouds” by Bryan Averill – the judge took some time between these two before awarding Bryan’s print 1st place (5 points) with Wray’s gaining 4 points.

In total Nantwich accrued 25 points, and were comprehensive winners, with 2nd place falling to Mold with 18 points – Deeside and Mid-Cheshire shared 3rd place with a score of 17 each.
An awards ceremony followed, with Wray receiving his medal for the colour section, and on Bryan’s behalf, a medal for the mono’s.
A trophy in the form of a bronze camera statuette was also received on behalf of Nantwich as the winning club.

Nantwich CC’s entries and scores were:

Andrew Charlesworth “Downhill Rider, Shaun Richards” – 3 points
Wray Douglas “Violet Crowned Woodnymph” – 6 points
Alma Sankey “Winter Feed” – 3 points
Rob Gough “Aerial Dispute” – 4 points
Bryan Averill “Emerging from the Clouds” – 5 points
Wray Douglas “Manhattan Skyline” – 4 points

Total: 25 points

Winning Colour Print

“Violet Crowned Woodnymph”
by Wray Douglas

Winning Mono Print

“Emerging from the Clouds”
by Bryan Averill

Tuesday 1st October 2019
1st Club Competition
Judge:- Mike Sharples ARPS, MPAGB, EFIAP, BPE5*

20 Points
“Puffin Perch” by Alma Sankey
19 Points
“Ovavango Lioness” by Wray Douglas
“In The High Alps” by Bryan Averill
“It’s My Ball” by Wendy Williams
18 Points
“Kicking Horse River” by Wray Douglas
“Gannets Sula Bassana” by Brian Sankey
17 Points
“On The Edge” by Martin Brown
“Young Moorhen” by Rob Gough
“Swiss Air Force Hornet” by David Foster

After the break the judging of the 38 Projected Images followed the same format. Mike retained 18 of the images, eventually awarding 16 points to 7 of them and the remainder as follows:-

20 Points
“Tryfan” by Ray Duckworth
19 Points
“Woodland Retreat” by Denise Compton
“Hebe” by Martin Watson
18 Points
“Brandy” by Paul Topham
“Caitlin” by Ray Duckworth
“Looking Out Of The Train Window” by Suzanne Mercer
“Bass Rock Lighthouse” by Brian Sankey”
“Imagination” by Paul Topham
17 Points
“Tern With Fish” by Wendy Williams
“Kestrel In Flight” by Pete Allcock
“Xcaliber Jet” by David Hoyle

It was good to see our newer members entering the competitions, as well as the usual entrants. Well done everyone.

Winning Print

“Puffin Perch”
by Alma Sankey

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Winning PI

by Ray Duckworth

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Archived Competitions

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