Recording an Action to Convert “Portrait” Images For Competitions.

In this workshop Alison will explains how to record an action to convert your portrait images in preparation for competitions.

Please note: It would be beneficial to read the complete workshop before you attempt to follow the procedure. If you would like a print out to read, please follow the links at the end of this workshop.

Click on the icon below to download the Powerpoint presentation. When you click on the icon you will be presented with a box asking if you would like to “Open, Save or Cancel” the presentation, click “Save”. In the “Save As” box, select a location to save the file, then click “Save” to start the download. When the “Download Complete” box appears, click “Open” to start the presentation. Once the presentation starts, use the arrow keys or space bar on your keyboard to proceed to the next page of the presentation. If you wish to exit the presentation at any point, press the “Esc” key on your keyboard.

Click on the icon above to start.

Click on the icon below to link direct to the “Flickr” website.