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1.0 Objective

In order that members may improve their ability and the quality of the images that they produce a number of internal competition evenings shall be held throughout the Club season. This will enable members to receive constructive comments from an external judge and also, by the judge awarding marks, allow the member to understand how other people value the quality of his/her work when compared to other members of the Club.

2.0 General

Competition Secretaries shall be appointed at the AGM to administer the running of the Club competitions.

The number and format of internal Club competition evenings shall be decided by the committee and shall be publishedprior to the start of the club season

Whilst every care will be taken with members’ prints and PIs, the Club cannot accept any responsibility for any damage that may occur.

3.0 Role of the Competition Secretaries

The Competition Secretaries shall be responsible for the appointment of suitably experienced external judges and agree the total number of images that the judge can accept.

The Competition Secretaries shall be responsible for administering and periodically presenting modified competition rules to the committee for approval. The rule modifications shall commence from the start of the next Club season and shall be communicated to the members at the Club AGM and via the Website.

The Competition Secretaries shall receive all entries to competitions from members. Entries not in the required format will be withheld from the competition and returned to the member.

The Competition Secretaries shall present the agreed number of eligible images, in a random order, to the judge. If too many images are submitted then the Competition Secretaries will adjust the total number of images presented as indicated in Clause 5.1.3 below.

The Competition Secretaries shall record the marks allocated to each entry and administer a league table. The overall winners will be announced at the end of the season.

The Competition Secretaries may retain selected entries for up to 12 months to be used to represent the club in external competitions.

The Competition Secretaries shall receive any Comments Forms (obtainable from the Competition Secretaries or website) regarding the eligibility of entries and submit these, together with the entry in question to the committee for consideration.

The Competition Secretaries shall select and present the Club images at External competitions.

4.0 Role of the Member

Any fully paid up member of the Club may submit entries for inclusion in either or both of the categories at any Club competition.

Entries shall be submitted to the Competition Secretaries 2 weeks before the appropriate competition date as published in the Club Programme.

Members shall comply with these competition rules when submitting entries. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their entries meet all of the necessary criteria.

Any member who believes that an entry to the Club competition did not comply with the Club rules shall report this entry to the Competition Secretaries on a Comment Form for consideration by the Committee.

5.0 Entries to Competitions

All images presented (including any computer or dark room adjustments) shall be solely the work of the member. The only exception to this is where printed images have been printed, without modification, by a third party.

The Club competitions will in general be open with regard to content. The committee may however periodically decide to have themed competitions. Any such competitions will be announced at the AGM and included in the Club Programme.

Each member may submit a number of images up to the maximum advised for the competition. Entries are to be in prioritised order and accompanied with an entry form as provided on the Club Website. (Members without access to the Website should request one from the Competition Secretaries). The Competition Secretaries may reduce the number of entries per member if the total number of entries exceeds the number agreed with the judge.In this event the Competition Secretaries will submit the higher prioritised entries from the members. Images omitted will be eligible for re-entry into any later competition.

The entries shall, in general, represent the current work of the member.

A member may resubmit an image that received 17 marks or less with or without modification. The image shall only be resubmitted once and does not have to be entered into the same category as when it was first submitted.A maximum of one image in each competition may be a resubmission. Any resubmitted image should be clearly marked as such on the competition entry form.

5.2. Projected Images

Projected images must be prepared precisely in accordance with “The Procedure for the Preparation of Projected Images for Club Competitions”, which is available on the club website. Members without internet accessshouldask the Competition Secretaries for a printout.

Files must be named in the following revised format: – Sequence no (i.e. 01, 02 or 03), underscore, image title, underscore, members name (e.g. 01_My best image_Member) in a folder named with the Members Name inside a folder named “PIs”. Note that any comma on the title may be removed to satisfy down load and list processing restrictions.

Entries must be submitted on a CD or USB memory device, marked with the Author’s name and Club Membership Number.

5.3. Printed Images

Prints should be presented in accordance with L&CPU rules, i.e.

  • The mount size is 50×40 cm.
  • No tape of any description on the back of the mounts.
  • Maximum mount thickness must not exceed 4 mm.
  • Backing boards, if used, should be of a similar size to the front mount.
  • Each print must display on the back, the title and the members number
  • If a label is used it must be secure with no free adhesive

Entries should be accompanied by a PI facsimile of the image content of the print for informative display during the competition. Note this will not be provided to the judge and should not be used in judging. The facsimile is to beprepared in the same way as PI entries and follow the same file naming convention, but stored in a folder named “Print”

PI facsimiles are to be submitted on a CD or USB memory device, marked with the Author’s name and Club Membership Number. This may be the same physical device as used for PI entries.

6.0 Competition

The judge on the night will be asked to provide comments and scores on entries accepted by the Competition Secretaries during the competition.

The entries in each category will be assessed and will be marked out of a maximum of 20 points by the judge.

All accepted entries of each member’s submitted entries will count and be totalled in each competition. The points gained by each member in each of the competitions for each category will be totalled to establish the overall winners for the season.

In the event of two or more members attaining the same number of aggregate points in either category, the winner will be decided on a count-back basis, scored as follows:-

Judge’s Original MarkCount- back Score
1pts (or less)

7.0 Ownership of Entries

All entries to competitions remain the ownership and copyright of the member.

By entering a club competition the member gives the club permission to copy the image as may be required to present in the competition and in representing the club in External competitions and on the Club Website. The Club will not use the image for any other purpose without written permission of the owner.

These rules approved by the Nantwich Camera Club Committee on 27 May 2014.

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